Selector Strategies

Different selectors may work better with different elements on different pages. Use the "Print to console" no code action to test your selector strategy

First try the CSS selector, this is the default option and the most robust and will work just fine on most elements and pages.

Second try the Xpath selector, this is a more specific reference than CSS

Next try the attribute selector. There could also be a number of options in the dropdown on the attribute selector.

If you are still having difficulty selecting the appropriate element use a GPT-3 prompt such as "Collect all the div on the page with an id that includes test and loop through them and print them."

If none of the above steps resolve your targeting issue, try using the action recorder in the desktop application to build your automation instead. This uses computer vision instead of object class or ID.

Lastly, if all else fails you can build a custom detection model in Project Atlas to train a model to detect and select the problematic element. You can see how to do this in the tutorials page or our video on YouTube.

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