Setup and Onboarding

Cheat Layer builds automations from end to end in simple language using our Project Atlas framework, which extends large language models to solve the 'last mile' and execute actions. Subscribers can now access Cheat Layer Desktop without a waitlist, and a private calendar to onboard live with the founder and investigate custom use-cases in Step 1 of the interactive onboarding at

1-Click Cloud Desktop Agents

Businesses that prefer instant value rather than building custom agents can now deploy our 1-click Desktop Cloud sales and marketing agents to grow any brand on auto-pilot. Check our 1-click Desktop Cloud agents at to get started instantly using simple forms. We leveraged our bleeding edge technology to deliver the most valuable agents for businesses directly from a mobile phone if you prefer.

Automate Your Business In Natural Language

If you'd like to learn how to build your own custom agents in simple language using our chat interface, follow the tutorials in this documentation. No coding experience is necessary, and you can automate any process that can be performed manually using a keyboard and mouse.

Edit Generated Automations Using A No-Code Editor

Project Atlas is the first automation framework that generates a drag/drop no-code graph for you from simple phrase, allowing users to seamlessly switch between a chat and editor for more control.

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