Webhook Triggers

You can trigger scripts using webhooks for Cheat Cloud AND Cheat Layer!

Open Agent Studio(Previously Cheat Layer Desktop) now supports webhooks!

You can test this yourself with our TikTok Marketing agent to learn how to build dynamic agents you can embed in any website:

Please download the .cheat file into the Open Agent Studio Install folder to trigger webhooks in your desktop install locally directly. This is especially useful with the new unlimited free Llama model, because you now build unlimited agent-powered services and embed them in any website. Stay tuned for our White Labels and AI Saas course to learn how to start from scratch and launc your own custom agents as a White Label Saas subscription.

Cheat Cloud webhook: https://cheatlayer.com/triggers/cloud Cheat Layer Extension webhook: https://cheatlayer.com/triggers/extension





The target website to run the automation. If you leave this blank, the script will run in the background in the extension.



This must be your API key, which is printed to the right:



The name of one of your scripts in the Cheat List. This must be a script you saved, so you can't execute arbitrary code.

Product Scraper


Any data you want to send to the webhook. It will be available in the 'data' variable for the script you run.


Example: curl -X POST https://cheatlayer.com/triggers/extension -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"start":"https://www.google.com", "name": "Product Scraper", "data":"test","key":"YOUR_KEY", "script":""}'

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