Simulates a key press.

simulateKey accepts string parameter. The following keys are supported as input in additional to regular keys to simulateKey():

"Enter": Enter Key "DELETE": Delete Key "ControlDown": Control Key Down "ControlUp": Control Key Up "ShiftDown": Shift Key Down "ShiftUp": Shift Key Up "AltDown": Alt Key Down "AltUp": Alt Key Up "ArrowDown": Arrow Down Key "ArrowUp": Arrow Up Key "ArrowLeft": Arrow Left Key "ArrowRight": Arrow Right Key "Home": Home Key "End": End Key "PageUp": Page Up Key "PageDown": Page Down Key "Backspace": Backspace Key "Delete": Delete Key "Tab": Tab Key "Escape": Escape Key

Typical usage

//Generated Script id=0
var delayKey = 1000;
   var element = document.querySelector('input#searchInput');

   element.dispatchEvent(new Event('focus'));
}, /*delay*/1*delayKey);

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